About the Project

This website was set up as a service for the project, and continues to be hosted and maintained solely by the contractor David Leeming.

About the Project

Solar4Schools was a pilot project that ran from June 2013 to March 2015 that aimed to improve education outcomes by use of solar power for lighting and fans in primary schools in the Solomon Islands. It was implemented by UNICEF Pacific through their Solomon Islands Country Office in collaboration with the Solomon Islands Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, and is funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme.

In May 2013, a tender for the installation and training work was completed, and the project activities commenced. The contractors were Leeming International Consulting and Willies Solar and Electrical Company.

The project has two phases, with Phase 1 involving the first 5 schools in Guadalcanal Province and Phase 2 involving the 5 schools in Choiseul Province. Phase 1 was in November 2013 and Phase 2 in April 2015.

Solar4Schools involved the installation of solar power systems in 10 primary schools, including classrooms and staff houses. It aimed to improve the learning environment (lighting and fans) for students, facilitate class preparation after hours by teachers and to enable extra-curricular activities to take place in schools after dark.

There is a significant research base highlighting the importance of adequate lighting for students, as well as for teachers who require lighting for lesson planning and assessment.   There are also many further educational advances possible with access to electricity, for example use of computers and audiovisual equipment. Equipping primary schools with solar panels will ultimately support the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) in improving the learning achievement of primary students.

Planned outputs

  • Solar power systems are installed in 10 Primary Schools and 20 staff houses
  • School Committees and teachers from 10 primary school communities and PEA staff are trained in operation and maintenance of solar power systems
  • A fully operational backup, maintenance and monitoring system is established for the solar power systems

 Desired outcomes:

  • Students educational outcomes improve
  • Improved teaching and learning environment in schools (good lighting and temperature control)
  • Greater engagement of school committees within School Management


Project contractors

David Leeming
+677 7476396

UNICEF Solomon Islands – Programme Officer

Abel Likaveke

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